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ACL is dedicated to attracting exceptional culinary talent to join our team and recruits the best experts in the field. We provide best advise, curation and operate a world class level of culinary experiences in our region, combining diverse flavors and techniques from around the globe to impress your senses.


ACL was created in 2022 to achieve a vision to create a world class culinary experience in everything that it gets involved in. From the creation of hospitality concepts to managing and operating them with excellence.

In order to do so we have attracted the best talents in the region in all pillars of the hospitality industry to endure that we can deliver and support our partners in achieving the highest standards and ensuring that the ROI of any investment in the hospitality industry is sane. Our unique offerings to the market brings to the table different palates, financial management, operational know how and customer experience.


At ACL, we are keen to create optimal F&B experiences by bridging our culture to the world and reflecting global cultures in all our unique offerings. From concept creation, through consultation and operation of world-level culinary engagements, to recruiting top-notch culinary talents in the region, ACL is here to bring the world’s rich flavors and textures to your plate!



We believe that our partners' relationships are the key to our success, establishing clarity and setting the right expectations is the key to any successful relationship between two entities. We on-board our partners and dictate the value of trust, not by the dashboards and financial reporting only, but by always being aligned and clear with everything that we do in their business to make it stronger and more resilient.


We thrive on our culture in ACL as our values are authenticity, transparency, quality, family, & community. Through our values, we walk the talk and we make sure they are always represented in our concepts and towards our clients. People are the fundamental asset to our organization and we intend to always put people in the forefront of our priorities as a business.


We are using best practices in QC and OPC to make sure that our concepts are run with a meticulous management process when it comes to quality and operational flow, it is the base fundamental element in running our concepts and our clients' investments.


We map our customer journey and we execute and have created an agile process where we revisit and amend our processes to make sure we are always updated with the global trends in serving our clients not only the best food but having them experience an unforgettable journey from the time they enter our establishments until they return again.


"My dream is to create an unforgettable hospitality experience for our markets from simple QSRs to sophisticated fine dining concepts" 




— Basma Elkhereiji


Hesham Salama: Expert in organizational culture, coaching, and transformation. 17 years leading Gallup projects in Europe/Middle East. Certified in Change Management & Leadership.

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Basma Elkhereiji, a seasoned chef and food entrepreneur with 18 years of hospitality expertise, founded "The Social Group" (now ACL), advising on F&B and managing projects like Jeddah Season 2019 and new restaurants.

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Khaled, a seasoned CFO with 16+ years of finance expertise, excels in strategic collaboration, leadership, restructuring, and team building, ensuring organizational resilience and client satisfaction.

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Mohammad Bahgat, an experienced leader with 16+ years of technical expertise. A versatile architect skilled in designing diverse buildings and managing customer needs. 

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