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Discover the incredible companies and organizations we proudly collaborate with. Through shared vision and mutual goals, our partners contribute to our journey of innovation and success.

Our partners bring diverse culinary excellence. The Social Kitchen offers Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed ambiance. The Social Bakery entices with quality products in a charming setting. The Good Butcher champions transparency in steakhouse and butcher offerings. Drawing from Thai culinary heritage, The Lazy Elephant adds an exotic Asian touch. Together, they weave a unique and flavorful tapestry within our network.

Our partners offer exceptional experiences. Alieía presents the finest Greek Mediterranean flavors, Khalila is a prime shisha spot adjacent to Nobu and Alieía, and The Fat Fig Bistro serves delectable French Mediterranean-inspired dishes and cocktails.

Our partners offer a range of culinary experiences. Fat Tony serves fast-paced Italian food, Rude Cow delivers quality ice cream, To Be Frank brings a fun twist to fast food, and Fateer Elteneen presents classic Egyptian fare with creative sweet and savory toppings.

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